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Thread: Byron Katie

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    Byron Katie

    I think anyone into releasing will enjoy this video of Byron Katie working with someone experiencing "terror."

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGZtGfERA5w&feature=related"]YouTube - Feelings of Terror - The Work of Byron Katie[/ame]

    Also, I'm hoping this post doesn't still say I'm a 'guest'!
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    Hi Evan,

    that's a great video. I love Byron Katie and her work.

    About those feelings you don't have a name for yet (as described in the video) - I experience(d) that with releasing too.
    That I release sensations in my body I'm aware of, but do not know what it is, and I'm still able to release it and feel lighter and more expanded afterwards. It's a great thing not having to lable everything and still be able to let go of it!

    Bye the way, you are still announced as a guest at this point, but that's just a lable too.
    I'm sure they will fix this.

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    Thank you
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